Stock photo Sundays

November 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

If I am home on a Sunday afternoon one of my goals is to work some images for stock photography.  Stock photography is a good place for some of the images that were good but not the ones I sell.  Many times I will take a few different angels and such of an image and then pick the best one to print.  That doesn't mean the others aren't good they just weren't the perfect one.  Rather than have those other versions gathering dust on my hard drive I submit them to a stock photography site so they can be sold.

While out shooting I also take images that I think would be good for stock work, most I never intend to sell as big prints.  Some of these will be images that I can picture people using while they are writing an article about a certain subject such as the two bottom images being about hunting or camping.  The hammock could be about relaxing or getting back to nature.  

Guess stock photography is a good way to upcycle unused images!


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