I dig gemstones!

January 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So another thing you will find me doing when I have free time is digging for gemstones here in Colorado.  Anyone watch the show Prospectors on The Weather Channel?  That will give you a basic idea of what I do. 

I belong to two different local geology clubs so I go on digging field trips.  I just started a crystallography class which is super hard but I am hoping to learn some new things about how crystals are formed.  I will be starting a gemstone faceting class in a few weeks where I will learn how to cut gem stones for making jewelery.

My father, mother, 2 nephews and 1 niece all usually go digging as well so it is some quality family outdoor time.

What kind of things are you into or what are your hobbies?

Below are a few random pictures I have taken over the summer.

Digging out amethyst in Canon City area

Some of the amethyst finds getting cleaned.  These are currently in the rock tumbler getting polished up.

Below is the hole where I am digging for black smoky quartz crystals.  That is my mother in the background.


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