Embark on a visual journey with a lens virtuoso who turns moments into masterpieces. Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Penrose, Colorado, I am a seasoned photographer with a passion for capturing the raw essence of musical prowess. Specializing in band promotional photography, my work has graced the pages of DarkCity magazine, a testament to my ability to encapsulate the energy and spirit of musicians.

Armed with an AA in Professional Photography from Colorado Mountain College and a BA in Graphic Design from Collins College of Design, I have honed my craft over the years in the vibrant photography scenes of Phoenix, AZ, and Hollywood, CA. My professional journey includes stints in esteemed photo labs, where I cultivated a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering top-notch visual narratives.

My lens thrives on pushing boundaries and transcending conventional norms. I revel in crafting portraits that fuse fashion with a dark allure, creating a visual symphony that captivates and intrigues. While I respect the rules of photography, I find true artistry in daring to break them.

Join me on this visual exploration where every image tells a story, and every story is a testament to the seamless blend of technical expertise, artistic intuition, and an unbridled passion for capturing the extraordinary.

Please keep in mind the images displayed in galleries are lower quality so they will load quickly. Final printed images will be much better. Keep in mind all monitors have a different calibration so final print may not exactly match what you see on your monitor. The copyright text will not appear on final prints.