Misty Sprouse Photography | Fun with a drummer and some water

Fun with a drummer and some water

October 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The nice thing about having a drummer(Brundun with Goatsilk) who lives in your town is calling him up when you have a crazy idea. Had this idea in my head for awhile now but took awhile to get it worked out with our schedules and the weather in the evenings.  Getting pretty cold in the evenings so this was a fast shoot so he didn't freeze too much. My mother and father were my two assistants on this shoot and I do have to say my mom couldn't stop laughing while she was spraying the water.  She has known Brandun since we were little kids. :)

Still a few things I learned and will try differently in the future.  I have another drummer lined up for this one but it may have to wait until next Spring/Summer when the temps are warmer again. 


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