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November 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Today's post is one that traces back to the start of my photography journey. I went to photography school with the plan of doing band promotional photos for cd covers, posters and so on.  After I graduated from photo school I moved out to Los Angeles where all the bands are.  Well I learned pretty quick that most bands didn't have money and back then it was really hard to work for free due to the costs involved with buying film and having it processed and printed.  Going in the hole for most shoots wasn't ideal. 

So I ended up deciding if I was going to work for free I was going to work on experimenting and trying out all kinds of different things with lighting and such.  This lead to some of my most creative work and helped me figure out my photographic style.  If you want to see some of that journey check out the personal work section of my website.

Fast forward to present day where I decided for fun I would shoot a local band.  I had 4 hours of time in a local studio that I could use so I invited the members of Goatsilk to stop in.  Had a blast taking pictures of them and I ended up making one into a composite image.  Recognize this background image I used on a previous practice composite image!?!? 


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