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Busy weekend of shooting images

August 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I had a busy photo weekend!  I am going to admit this but don't tell, I have lived in Colorado most of my life but I hadn't taken pictures of any of the Colorado Springs landmarks.  Well it finally caught up to me as I have a large photo magnet order in and they were looking for images of Colorado Springs.  Let's just say this weekend I took my turn taking some scenic images in Garden of the Gods.  Friday night was a location scouting trip and I did happen to catch a touch of a sunset though it was storming so not much color.  Then I headed out for sunrise on Sunday morning to catch all the images I needed.  I was able to get a few images they liked and I do plan on shooting again in the future when there is some snow on the mountains.  

I also had a photography meet-up at a local car salvage yard in my town.  I asked a high school senior to join me so I could mix some portraits in with the old cars.   I took a few extras of just the cars with my Infrared camera that came out cool. 


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