Misty Sprouse Photography | Still rocking my creative projects.

Still rocking my creative projects.

September 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This year I decided to really work on doing more creative shoots where I have total freedom.  Up next was a shoot with Michael Stahl(Tomb Throne) that has been in the planning phase since about February.  Worked on making a set this time including making a tree forest, digging a pit for water and I used about 4 bags of ashes for the main floor area.  Had the body painter Sara Crow come down from Denver to give the shoot a little something extra.  Shoot went amazing and I am very pleased with the images.  This was a 3 light set-up which I had planned to make 4 lights but my brand new light stand decided to break so had to give up on one light. 

Seems like this summer I am all about shoots having to do with water.  Still a few more up my sleeve to work on just have to hurry and get them done before the Colorado cold takes over. 


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